Street Fighter IV character profiles

Here's a quick rundown of all the characters in Street Fighter IV, along with their defining moves. Note in the move descriptions that whenever an input is labeled "Punch" or "Kick" it means that any of the punch of kick buttons will work. As in classic Street Fighter, the choice of Light, Medium, or Hard punches or kicks determines the speed or range of the special move.


The main man since Street Fighter began. He travels the world only to improve his own fighting skills and chuck about loads of pretty-looking fireballs.

Defining move: Hadoken: Down, Down-forward, Forward + Punch


Ryu’s friend and former training partner. Ken started life as a Ryu clone, but the two diverged with SFII: Championship Edition.

Defining move: Shoryuken: Forward, Down, Down-forward + Punch


Entered the tournament to go after Bison; the man who killed her father. About to be played by Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk in a no-doubt ill-advised movie.

Defining move: Lightning Kick: Hammer Kick repeatedly


The Brazilian Wildman has become something of a comedy character and Dan’s sidekick in Street Fighter IV.

Defining move: Electricity: Hammer Punch repeatedly


Everyone knows, but we’ll tell it again – Balrog was originally a boxer named M. Bison, but Capcom USA feared a possible lawsuit from a certain Mr. M. Tyson, and swapped over the names.

Defining move: Turn Punch: Hold 3 Punches or 3 Kicks and release


A real, live Ninja, Vega fights with a claw and a mask which seems a little unfair, really. Both can be discarded with a Dragon Punch motion, if you’re feeling brave.

Defining move: Diving Claw: Charge Down, then Up + Punch, then Punch when over an opponent