Street Fighter 6 gets an age rating in Korea as fans hope for a formal release date soon

(Image credit: Capcom)

Good news, Street Fighter 6 fans; it looks like the highly-anticipated fighting game has moved one step closer to release after being rated in South Korea.

At the moment, the most Capcom will commit to is confirming that Street Fighter 6 is expected to release sometime in 2023. But while there's no hard and fast rule about how soon games release after they've been rated, it does intimate that the game is essentially complete, and will likely release in the six months or so.

As for what the South Korea classification board had to say about the fighting game? Well, according to ResetEra and a helping hand from Google Translate, it looks as though Street Fighter 6 has been awarded a 15 age rating because of its "expression of physical damage shown in illustrations in addition to basic fighting expression".

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It's the timing that's got fighting fans really excited, though. Some think that the rating decision comes at just the right time for Capcom to be making a formal announcement about the release date… something that very well could happen at the upcoming Game Awards next month. 

We spent a little time with Street Fighter 6 during last month's closed beta, and we left it feeling pretty impressed.

"Genuinely, if Capcom released this beta client as an Early Access title tomorrow, with the promise of adding the other modes in the coming months, it’d still score high," Andi wrote in his Street Fighter 6 preview

"The fact that there’s TEN characters still to come and two whole, wildly different game modes aimed at providing both single and multiplayer content is hard to believe, especially when the game is already this good. It looks like Street Fighter 6 is going to set the bar for the coming generation of fighting games and, if you’re a developer out there currently cooking one up, I reckon you must be looking at this as the new benchmark for content and quality."

Did you see that new Street Fighter 6 art and story details reveal that legacy fighter Ken Masters is a terrorist suspect in the upcoming sequel?

Ken's redesign - which some amusingly describe as giving off "divorced dad" energy - has been the subject of debate online, sparking questions about the beloved Street Fighter character's backstory in the lead-up to the upcoming sequel. However, it turns out that despite the vibes he gives off, it turns out Ken isn't a grumpy divorcee, but is actually on the run having been arrested under suspicion of being a terrorist

Kick, punch, chop your way through the best fighting games in the ring today. 

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