Streamer challenges Twitch chat to Wii Sports, somehow manages to eventually win every game

Wii Sports Resort
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A streamer challenged their viewers to beat Wii Sports and quickly realized that it's not as easy as playing it with a Wii remote. 

YouTuber GappyV (opens in new tab) has shared a video titled 'Can Twitch Chat Beat Wii Sports?' in which the streamer's Twitch chat, made up of 50 people that day, play the sports simulation game by just typing in the chat. As demonstrated in the video, GappyV has created a piece of code that converts the messages in the chat to the Wii remote and Nunchuck input, meaning all anyone needs to do to play is type in the words displayed onscreen. 

The aim of this chaotic experiment is for the chat to try and beat all five sports in the game, including tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing without any help from GappyV. Although this sounds simple enough, getting 50 people spread out worldwide to coordinate themselves in time to swing a racket and hit a ball is no easy feat. As you'd expect, sports like bowling or golf that allow players to take their time are more manageable than tennis or baseball, which require perfect timing to score points. 

After several attempts at each of the sports and managing to win at four of them, GappyV decided it was time to face "the Malenia (Elden Ring boss) of Twitch chat beats Wii Sports" and to give baseball one final try. Different to the last try, though, this time around it's arranged that only one person will type in the chat, and after an hour and a half of playing just baseball, they finally did it. So now we know, Twitch chat can beat Wii Sports. 

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