Turns out Resident Evil 4 is almost impossible when Twitch chat controls the game

Resident Evil timeline - Resident Evil 4
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A streamer is letting their chat decide what Resident Evil mods to use at any point during their playthrough, and of course, it's resulted in chaos. 

YouTuber Bawkbasoup has shared a few videos of themselves playing Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 4. To keep things interesting, the streamer uses the tool CrowdControl which allows viewers to take control of the game at any time. As you can imagine, this has led to a lot of shenanigans.

As explained at the start of Bawkbasoup's Resident Evil 4 video, viewers of the live Twitch stream can influence almost anything in the game. This includes making Leon small, making him huge, speeding him up, slowing him down, and even things like killing Leon, reviving him, making enemies invincible, or sending Bawkbasoup back to the start of the game. These little interruptions make the game so much more frustrating to play, but hilarious to watch. 

The chaos continues in Bawkbasoup's Resident Evil 1 video too. Much like with Resident Evil 4, the streamer's Twitch chat can influence Chris Redfield and his surroundings by manipulating the size of enemies, poisoning Chris, taking away his weapons, and so on. You really do need a lot of patience to be able to play the full game with these kinds of distractions. 

Here's hoping this pattern continues so we get to see Bawkbasoup use the same feature on the likes of Resident Evil Village to make Lady Dimitrescu much smaller (or taller) than she usually is, or Resident Evil 2 or 3 to speed up Mr. X and make running away from him even tenser. 

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