Resident Evil Village VR is a PSVR 2 launch title and free for owners of the base game

Resident Evil Village VR Lady Dimitrescu
(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil Village VR is a PSVR 2 launch title and will be a free download for anyone who owns the base game.

Capcom announced the news on December 14 via the PlayStation Blog, finally giving a release date for Resident Evil Village's anticipated VR mode. Both PlayStation's new-gen headset and the VR mode for the horror game will launch together on February 22, 2023.

Resident Evil Village VR is a PSVR 2 launch title, then, joining the likes of Horizon: Call of the Mountain on day one. Additionally, the VR mode will actually be a free download for anyone who owns any edition of Resident Evil Village, even the base edition from 2021.

If there was any doubt about the sequel's VR capabilities, Capcom confirms the whole of Resident Evil Village's main story mode will be playable in PSVR 2. There's sadly no mention of the Mercenaries mode here though, so the onslaught mode might well not be compatible with the PSVR 2.

The PSVR 2's fancy Sense controllers come up big in this version of Resident Evil Village. You'll perform actions like crossing your arms to block an attack, slashing the air in front of you to perform a knife attack, reloading weapons with two hands, and you can even hold two weapons at once. Hell, you can even duel wield a pistol and a shotgun at once.

Last month in November, Sony finally unveiled the PSVR 2 price, which comes in at $599.99 / £529.99. So far, at least, VR enthusiasts love the PSVR 2's price, but everyone else hates it. 

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