Stranger Things star teases the Netflix show's "perfect" ending

Stranger Things season 4
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Stranger Things season 5 will bring Netflix’s hit series to an end as we find out what the fate of Hawkins is. Not much is known yet about what will happen in the final episodes, but Will Byers star Noah Schnapp has teased it will be "perfect".

Speaking about the upcoming season to Forbes (opens in new tab), he said: "I can just tell you that I'm very, very excited for what's to come. I think they did a great job with Will's character this season, and beautifully addressed everything they needed to. The way they closed the show is just perfect – the story started with Will, and it’ll end with Will."

Stranger Things season 4 ended with the gates to the Upside Down open as Vecna's plan succeeded. As the teens looked on, Upside Down particles swept around them and the color drained from the earth. Will tells the others that Vecna isn’t far away, and he won’t stop "until he’s taken everyone." 

This also isn’t the first we’ve heard about how important Will is to the final season. Vecna actor Jamie Campbell Bower told E! News (opens in new tab): "We all know by now that Vecna and Will have history. So it would be a joy to get back in there as I'll gently put it."

Elsewhere, the show creators have teased they’ll be drawing from some storylines in season 2 for the final chapter. "For season 5, we're pulling from a lot of those big season 2 ideas," Ross Duffer told Netflix’s Tudum. "A lot of our big ending stuff has pulled from stuff that we thought was going to be in season 2."

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