Stranger Things season 2 photos reveal new characters and Will in mortal danger. Again.

It’s nearly time. October is the witching hour for the boys and girls of Hawkins, Indiana in Stranger Things season 2 (opens in new tab). If these new photos are anything to go by, not only are the familiar faces in a spot of bother but the new characters are about to turn things upside down too…

Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab) has released a batch of Stranger Things photos – seven to be precise – that give us a friendly hello to new guys Billy and Bob (it is the Midwest, after all) and reveal what might be going down in the new season. Let’s take a look. Possible spoilers follow so if you want to go in fresh then sashay away and grab an Eggo or two.

So, Eleven is back. Shock, I know. But what’s she doing in such a grimy locale? Could it have something to do with the fact that the show isn’t kicking off in Hawkins, Indiana but somewhere else entirely?

Uh-oh. These two photos seem connected. Has something bad happened to Will… again? Not only does that kid not seem to catch a break but he won’t get to join in on the trick and treat shenanigans with Finn and the gang. Bummer.

Hey, there’s Sean Astin’s Bob! Except he’s holding a clearly distressed Joyce back. I’ll bet good money it has something to do with Will being hospitalised.

The pair in happier times. It sure looks like romance might be blossoming between the two. Except nothing is ever that straightforward in Stranger Things.

Joyce’s ex-flame, Hopper, is also out and about in this photo. He’s not wearing his trademark police uniform and hat though. Is he favouring a more clandestine approach to his investigations this time around?

Say hello to Billy. He’s the most ‘80s guy ever: He enjoys mullets, fast cars and double denim. No word on what he’ll be up to in season 2 but he’ll probably make quite a splash.

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Images: Entertainment Weekly/Netflix

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