Netflix is building a Stranger Things cinematic universe, says series producer

Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 finale
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Stranger Things is following in the footsteps of the MCU as Netflix eyes up a cinematic universe for the fantasy hit. The series, which broke records for the streamer, is in the writing stages of its fifth and final series

Earlier this year, Netflix confirmed they had several spin-offs in the works, including a stage play and a new live-action series. Discussing the expansion, the show's executive producer and director Shawn Levy told Variety that they’re calling this the Stranger Thing Cinematic Universe. 

"Yes, we are building out the STCU," he explained. "Now that I’m spending time with [Marvel boss] Kevin Feige, I’m learning a lot about how to manage a universe. So I’m taking those skills and applying them to the STCU."

Levy has been hired to direct the next instalment in the Deadpool franchise and has been working with Feige on the upcoming movie. Discussing both projects, Levy says he hasn’t ruled out a way of bringing Deadpool into Stranger Things: "Funnily enough, Ryan and I were trying to figure out how in the world could we do a Deadpool/Stranger Things crossover. We haven’t cracked it yet, but it’s on the table."

Netflix and Stranger Things creators the Duffer brothers have yet to confirm exactly what the spin-off show will be about, but they have confirmed it won’t feature any of the main Stranger Things cast. "The key for us is that [any spin-off] needs to feel like its own distinct thing, not that we’re just retreading what we’ve already done," they told SFX

Similarly, details on the stage play remain light, aside from that it will be "set within the world and mythology" with The Crown’s Stephen Daldry lined up to direct. In the meantime, check out our guide to Stranger Things season 5 for all the latest news and updates on the show's finale.

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