Stranger Things 4 volume 2 will see Hopper become "more powerful" than ever before

Hopper in Stranger Things 4
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There’s not long to wait until Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 drops on Netflix. The final two episodes will conclude Vecna’s onslaught on Hawkins, as all-out war is teased in the small town

And while Eleven and the gang face off against 001, Hopper, Joyce, and Murray will be left dealing with their own monster. We left them last as they were stuck in the Russian prison camp with a Demogorgon on the loose (you can read all about this in our Stranger Things season 4, part 1 ending explained).

Hopper star David Harbour is keeping his cards close to his chest about how – or if – they’ll manage to escape this in Volume 2. However, the actor has teased a bit about what we can expect heading into the "epic" final episodes. 

"It’s the race to the finish," Harbour told IndieWire. "What you’re gonna see is us sprinting as hard as we can – not only are you gonna see the Duffers sprinting there cinematically in this epic, extraordinary way, but you’re gonna see all the characters [doing] more and you’re gonna have these epic action sequences."

Harbour also dropped some tantalizing hints about his character’s fate. "In terms of Hopper’s arc," he continued, "you’re gonna see him be more vulnerable and more powerful than you’ve ever seen, and I’m just so excited for you. I can’t talk about it anymore."

More powerful and more vulnerable? Well, now we’re worried. Could this mean a heroic sacrifice is on the horizon for the beloved former police chief? Or will he find himself in danger once again? One thing is for certain – we will all be hoping for a father/daughter reunion with Eleven when the show releases on Netflix.

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