Stiller and Surfer

After a long period of the lustre slowly vanishing from their work (neither Stuck On You nor The Perfect Catch is a match for their earlier movies), the Farrelly brothers must be getting worried. With the likes of Judd Apatow and Adam McKay pumping out solid hit after hit in the gross-out-meets-sweetness genre, they need to stay competitive.

So they’re pinning their hopes on The Heartbreak Kid, a new collaboration with Ben Stiller, who helped them to a huge smash with There’s Something About Mary. Can the combo of Stiller’s neurotic mania, a bevy of sexy ladies (including Total Film’s woman of the year Michelle Monaghan) and rising comedy star Rob Corddry get them back on top?

Maybe… there are some chuckles in this trailer, and Stiller seems to work well with Corddry, so we’ll give them a chance. You can too by clicking (opens in new tab) here . And the film itself arrives in October.

Via slightly less official channels (the omnipresent YouTube, to be exact), comes a trailer for something very different. This new footage from Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer aired this week on US TV, and boasts plenty of fresh scenes. We get our first proper look at one of the Surfer’s interesting talents – after his high-altitude clash with the new arrival, Johnny (Chris Evans) finds his powers swap for a time with whichever of the Four touches him. So cue Johnny Thing and Sue Storm burning with Human Torch-style flame.

Of course, the trailer manages to let itself down by showing that the franchise’s “family” side (particularly the attempts at humour) are still cheesier than Mayor McCheese opening a cheddar factory with Gouda scissors, but… er… the effects are pretty.

The Surfer glides into cinemas on 15 June and the trailer (while it lasts) is (opens in new tab) here .

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