Steam's Lunar New Year Sale hides great deals – here are 8 games as cheap as $1

Sands of Salzaar
(Image credit: Han-Squirrel Studio)

Steam is ringing in 2023 with a Lunar New Year sale, putting a spotlight on games developed and/or published in China while also serving up a more typical suite of discounts from big publishers like Bandai Namco (opens in new tab), Sega (opens in new tab), Xbox (opens in new tab), EA (opens in new tab), and more.

There are a ton of great games available on the cheap, but on the back of the big holiday blowout, it makes more sense to me to focus on the spirit of this sale and get away from the AAA bigguns a bit. This has the added benefit of serving up some criminally good deals. So, in the spirit of the lunar calendar, here are eight games you can't go wrong with.  

  •  Muse Dash ($0.89 at 70% off) (opens in new tab) is one of the best and most-loved rhythm games of all time and it's less than a buck.  
  •  Lost Castle ($3.99 at 60% off) (opens in new tab) packs inimitable style into a familiar but fun rogue-like package with great co-op support.  
  •  ICEY ($5.49 at 50% off) (opens in new tab) hides one of the best 2D action games you'll ever play behind some occasionally drab, but also occasionally stellar art.
  •  Sands of Salzaar ($6 at 60% off) (opens in new tab) is a meaty strategy game that can go toe-to-toe with some of the genre's greats.   
  •  Oneshot ($6.99 at 30% off) (opens in new tab) has become something of a modern legend in the seven years since its release, and its surreal story still hits just as hard.  
  •  Dorfromantik ($9.79 at 30% off) (opens in new tab) is one of the prettiest, most relaxing city builders you'll ever play.   
  •  Carto ($9.99 at 50% off) (opens in new tab) is a chill and charming adventure that gives your brain a hug even while making you scratch your head solving puzzles.  
  •  ANNO: Mutationem ($14.99 at 40% off) (opens in new tab) feels like a 2D Cyberpunk 2077 spliced with VA-11 Hall-A and its own unique charm. 

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