StarShipSofa narrates Vinegar Peace

We recently reviewed StarShipSofa: The Audio Science Fiction Magazine very favourably in SFX magazine, and now news has reached us that the latest available edition of its podcast is a special one.

StarShipSofa show number 82, the April issue, features an audio story called "Vinegar Peace, or, The Wrong-Way Used-Adult Orphanage", which is an SF story written by Michael Bishop for his son Jamie Bishop, who died two years ago at the Virginia Tech shooting. The story was first published in Asimov's Science Fiction #390 and this is an exclusive audio version, available for download now .

"I wrote 'Vinegar Peace' in August of 2007 because I had to," says Michael Bishop. "Our 35-year-old son, Jamie, died as one of 32 victims of a disturbed shooter on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia... 'Vinegar Peace' grew from this disaster and from a grief that I can't imagine ever laying totally aside. Jeri and I mourn Jamie's loss every day in some private way, and we think continually of all the other parents and loved ones of the slain and injured who will carry a similar burden with them until they die."

You can read more of his comments over on the StarShipSofa site. "We're very honoured and humbled to be allowed to bring this story to a wider audience," reveals the site's Tony C Smith. "I know I speak for the SF community when I say our hearts and prayers go out to Mike and Jeri and all the families who have to live with this grief every day."

StarShipSofa is free and is available for subscription and automatic download through iTunes.