Starkiller returns and a wearable Scout Trooper helmet is revealed with kick-ass new Star Wars toys

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Starkiller alternate costume action figure on a blue background
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Plenty of cool new Star Wars toys have been unveiled over the last few days, and it's been tricky keeping up. Whether it's beloved characters making their way back to action figure form or celebrations of Return of the Jedi in time for the movie's 40th anniversary (not to mention the Clone Wars animated show's 20th birthday), there's plenty to get excited about.

Because quite a lot has been unveiled, we've gathered up the best upcoming Star Wars gifts and toys below. That includes all the reveals from Hasbro Pulse earlier in the week, Funko POPs, and additions to the best Lego sets.

The coolest Stormtrooper helmet is on its way

We've had plenty of Stormtrooper replicas from Hasbro's Black Series line so far (not to mention a very handsome new Darth Vader helmet), but the best one has been missing in action until now - the Scout Trooper. With Return of the Jedi's 40th anniversary now upon us, it's finally being released as an electronic replica complete with voice-changer and a hinged front so that you can open it as seen in the Rebels animated series.

We don't have a price yet, but it'll probably go for around $132 and is set to launch summer 2023.

Thanks to that release date, it's the second big collectible we're waiting on this year; the first official Clone Trooper Phase II helmet is also coming soon.

Starkiller returns

The hero of The Force Unleashed is back… as a three-inch Vintage Collection action figure. This refreshed version of the old Star Wars toy features his costume as Vader's apprentice, along with those iconic twin lightsabers. Much like the original version, it also comes with accessories that allow you to swap his outfit.

Aside from being a lot more detailed (presumably with more articulation as well), this is almost exactly the same as that original action figure which hit shelves years ago.

It's due to arrive in spring 2023.

Return of the Jedi tributes and an eerily accurate Harrison Ford

The bulk of the announcements from the last few days revolve around Return of the Jedi, which makes sense considering the fact that we're staring down the barrel of the film's 40th anniversary. While some of these are more left-field (like a Darth Vader modelled after the dappled red Revenge of the Jedi poster made before the name was changed), others are fan-favorites. The standout of these is the Endor Rebel Commando, which comes with all the accessories you'd expect but also the ability to swap out his face for a young or older version. The latter is based on 'Nik Sant', a background character with a magnificent white beard who caught fans' attention - especially after theories started flying that he was in fact Captain Rex from the Clone Wars.

Other cool Return of the Jedi additions include a Vintage Collection Darth Vader whose helmet (and hand - owch) comes off, Admiral Piett who features the behind-the-scenes costume goof that technically demoted him, and a certain scruffy-lookin' nerf herder. Han Solo has been given an updated face sculpt for the first time in a while here, and it's an eerily accurate replica of Harrison Ford.

Most of these are set to land in summer 2023.

Suit up with new Lego helmets

The helmets make up some of the best Lego Star Wars sets, so it's no surprise that another wave is on its way. This time around we're getting Leia's Return of the Jedi disguise, due to launch March 1 and available to pre-ordable for $69.99 from Lego directly.

Kits for Clone Wars favorites are also inbound. Captain Rex's helmet is available this March 1 for $69.99 from Lego, while Commander Cody also lands on March 1 for $69.99.

If you're based in the UK, these will all cost £59.99 and arrive on the same date.

Clone Wars reinforcements

The Clone Wars also has a big birthday this year, so it's getting plenty of its own goodies. Alongside a Black Series version of Arc Trooper Jesse as he appeared in the finale of season seven, a Vintage Collection troop-builder of the 212th Battalion with Lt. Waxer (the guy who saved and built an unlikely bond with a little Twi-lek girl early in the show) is on its way too.

One of the best additions would be the first Black Series model of Ki-Adi-Mundi, though. Recreating the Jedi Master as he appeared in live-action throughout the prequels, it's the same sort of hyper-realistic sculpt we've come to expect from the line. However, it's a ways off - it won't arrive until 2024.

Funko does Return of the Jedi

Last but by no means least, Funko pulled back the curtain on its upcoming Return of the Jedi figures that will be launching to coincide with the film's 40th anniversary. These include most of the key characters, some oddballs like Max Rebo the rockin' blue elephant who appeared in Jabba's palace, the gross Jabba himself, a duel diorama between Luke and Vader, and Jabba's barge that is put together piece by piece with different characters on it (a bit like the Avengers or Stranger Things collections Funko has made in the past).

Unfortunately, we don't have an exact release date or pricing details for these.

Pipeline reveals

As always, Hasbro gave us a few pipeline teases for what's on the way in the Black Series, Vintage Collection, and Retro lines. We're currently anticipating lots of Book of Boba Fett merch (featuring Luke Skywalker training Grogu in each range), a Vintage Collection version of the N-1 Starfighter that Mando modified, an Ahsoka Loyalist Helmet from the end of the Clone Wars animated series, and a Deluxe Darth Malgus action figure from The Old Republic MMO. Much like normal, we don't have a release date for any of these just yet.

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