Starfield preload times and file size

Starfield preload
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You can get your Starfield preload started on every platform now in preparation for the game's early access release or full release. If you've pre-ordered the game and have it pre-installed, you'll be able to dive in as soon as it goes live on September 1 for the Starfield Early Access period. Otherwise, you'll need to wait a few more days for the full release day to play. Getting Starfield installed as early as possible is a good idea too because it's absolutely huge - over 100GB on Xbox Series X and PC - so you'll need plenty of time to get it installed. Here's everything you need to know to preload Starfield.

When can I preload Starfield? 

When can I preload Starfield?

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Preloading Starfield is available on Xbox Series X and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam right now! You can begin the pre-install if you've got Xbox or PC Game Pass, or if you've pre-ordered one of the game's special editions that grants you access to the early access period. 

Starfield install size

Starfield install size

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The Starfield install size varies by platform, with the following download file sizes on Xbox Series X and PC: 

  • Starfield Xbox Series X install size - 126.1 GB
  • Starfield PC install size - ~116GB

Obviously these are some huge files, and we recommend that you have at least 140GB of free space to be safe - the Microsoft Store lists the size of the game as ~140GB but the preload on Steam is thankfully a bit smaller than that. While you can pre-download it right now, you might need to prepare and clear some drive space first. Question is, which games are you clearing to make room?  

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