Star Wars: The Last Jedi stamps give us probably the closest, clearest look at Snoke yet

In lieu of a new trailer, our best look at some of the heroes and villains in Star Wars: The Last Jedi may be an upcoming stamp collection heading to Australia. The pack, containing the Light side of the Force on the left and the Dark side of the Force on the right, will be available starting September 19 - but fans are already oo-ing and ah-ing over the images.

It looks like there will be 20 stamps total, representing everyone from C-3PO to Supreme Leader Snoke. And speaking of the First Order's head honcho, here's a close-up of his stamp, giving us one of the clearest looks at his mangled mug yet:

There's also a stylish portrait of Kylo Ren wielding his trademark lightsaber... 

And the stamp pack's cover shows our main team of good guys assembled and ready for action.

And you thought stamp collecting was something for boring people.

Sam Prell

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