Star Wars Squadrons adds 120FPS support for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Star Wars: Squadrons
(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Squadrons has just got some big next-gen improvements on all platforms thanks to a new update.

You can find a complete list of the patch notes for update 3.0 over on the official EA Star Wars website. Chiefly, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S players can now run the game in up to 120FPS, and both next-gen consoles have an option to prioritize either visuals or frame rates.

It doesn't seem like there's any such support for the PS5, however. The patch only mentions that there's "improved visual quality and lighting" on Sony's next-gen console, but there's variable frame rate support added for TVs that boast the feature.

Elsewhere, there's a brand new map for Dogfight and Fleet Battles. In solo, versus, or versus AI, the new Foster Haven is now available on all platforms, and there's improved matchmaking support for players with vastly different load times (between console generations, for example).

On the cosmetics side of things, there's a ton of new added options in update 3.0. There's two new Starfighter paint jobs, several new pilot heads and clothing outfits, an X-Wing skin based on Luke Skywalker's Dagobah ship, and much more.

These updates are live now in Squadrons, but EA previously outlined two new additions for the game in December. The B-wing and TIE/d "Defender" will make their way to the game next month, and we've already seen customization options based around The Mandalorian added to Star Wars Squadrons late last month in October.

For a complete list of all the essential tips and tricks newcomers and veterans need alike for the game, head over to our Star Wars Squadrons tips guide for more.

Hirun Cryer

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