Star Wars: Squadrons is adding a pair of post-launch ships and a new multiplayer map

Star Wars: Squadrons B-wing
(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars: Squadrons is adding two new ships in December, as well as a new map and extra gear later this month.

Developer EA Motive announced plans for a pair of holiday holiday updates to Star Wars: Squadrons on its official blog. The arrival of the B-wing and TIE/d "Defender" in December will be the first post-launch addition of ships to the game, which is especially notable since EA has deliberately avoided positioning Star Wars: Squadrons as your typical "live game" with a post-launch development cycle funded by microtransactions.

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On the New Republic side, the B-wing will be classed as a Bomber, and on the Imperial side, the TIE/d will be a Fighter. Both ships will be able to use all of the components currently available for their faction and class. Each ship will play quite differently to its class-sibling within the same faction, but EA Motive says it's working hard to make sure they're properly balanced - you'll still have plenty of reason to fly a Y-wing or TIE fighter even after the shiny new ships arrive.

Before that, an update on November 25 will add a new map to both Fleet Battles and Dogfight mode. You've already visited Fostar Haven in the Star Wars Squadron prologue missions, but the multiplayer version takes place several years later when the locals have made a few upgrades to their station. Both the dockyards and the open space around the station will be yours to explore.

The November update will also add four new components, with a special emphasis on new gear for taking on capital ships and flagships.

EA Motive is already working on a new project as well, but it looks like it won't be another Star Wars game.

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