Star Wars: Rogue One's best fight scene nearly didn't make it into the movie (SPOILERS)

If you've not seen Star Wars: Rogue One yet then turn your Corellian freighter around round now, and leave before you ruin one of the best bits of the film. 

A moment that nearly didn't happen. 

Last warning. 

Right, the final moments of Rogue One not only tie in beautifully with A New Hope, they also include an incredible scene where we see Darth Vader single handedly wipe out a corridor full of Rebels. 

It's an incredible lightsaber-slashing, Force-choking moment that, according to editor John Gilroy, wasn't part of the original film. The movie underwent a range of reshoots and this climactic clash was one such addition. "That was something conceptualized a little later," he tells Yahoo! Movies.

John (and his brother Tony) Gilroy were brought in to help with the reshoots and as he explains, the dovetailing of Rogue One into A New Hope "was always the plan… the main structure was there." However, the final Vader moment was added in later: "It was a really great punch in the arm and something I think fans wanted to see." 

The addition was engineered so late in production though that another actor, Daniel Naprous, ended up playing Vader, replacing Spencer Wilding who performed as the Sith Lord in his earlier scenes. 

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