Watch GamesRadar livestream Star Wars: The Old Republic every day this week

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This week, GamesRadar is celebrating Star Wars with regular content dedicated to our favorite sci-fi franchise. One way we're paying tribute is with The Old Republic - every day, we'll be live-streaming an hour or two of gameplay from 6PM ET/3PT to 8PM ET/5PT, so check back every day to watch us play while we answer questions about the MMO.

Want to know more about the crafting? Want us to duel our teammate? Want us to /dance on a fire naked? Just ask, and we might do it (or we might ignore you and grind, because we need to review this sucker eventually).

Check out the stream below!

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In case you missed it, here's a link to the livestream from 12/19, and click here for 12/20, and here for 12/21!

Hollander Cooper

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