Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player accidentally creates the coolest execution in the game

A cinematic Star Wars Jedi Survivor screenshot captured on PS5 which shows how vast and expansive the worlds are to explore
(Image credit: Respawn)

A Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player has accidentally stumbled upon the coolest execution animation in the game.

The past weekend has seen heaps of players delving into Respawn's excellent sequel, and discovering neat new features, just like the player below. This Jedi: Survivor player beats a Bedlam Raider by brutally executing them right in front of the mining canon on the Shattered Moon, before pushing them back into the canon's beam to disintegrate them.

Idk if the execution was supposed to look like this, but this is the coolest one I’ve seen yet from r/FallenOrder

The player doesn't know if the execution animation was meant to look like this, and we can't work it out either. The whole thing is probably a combination of a standard execution animation, which just happens to push the Bedlam Raider back into the mining canon's beam to disintegrate them, tying both unique animations together in the process.

Then again, Respawn has done some stellar animation work over the last few years, so this could well be an environmental execution from Cal Kestis. Considering we're yet to find any other environmental executions in Jedi: Survivor though, we can likely just chalk this brilliant animation up to a fantastic coincidence with Cal's placement next to the mining canon.

Yesterday saw Respawn launch its first PC patch for the much-maligned port of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The new patch promises better performance and fewer crashes, which will come as great news to PC players that seriously weren't impressed with Respawn's latest game on PC when it first launched last week.

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