Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gets new combat challenges and cosmetic DLC

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's huge new update adds in new combat challenges, cosmetic DLC, and training simulations and can be downloaded now. 

The free add-on was announced on Star Wars Day 2020, (May the 4th be with you too), in a new trailer that was surprisingly dropped onto Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. We'd been hoping for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order DLC for a while, so this is certainly a nice surprise. Check out the trailer below.

Let's go through what's been added in with this update. First up is meditation training, where you'll have two ways to hone your Jedi skills. One is through Combat Challenges, tasks designed for veteran players to see just how one with the Force they really are. With every challenge, you can collect stars for fulfilling certain requirements, such as not taking damage, and use said stars to unlock new BD-1 cosmetics.

The other way you can practice is with the new Battle Grid mode. This allows you to customise your own combat encounter, tweaking "[the] location, the size of the encounter they want to face, tinker with various difficulty modifiers, and set the overall combat difficulty to one of the four difficulty levels" according to a post on the game's website

On top of that as well, there's also new cosmetics for you to deck Cal Kestis in the form of the Inquisitor uniform, as well as two new lightsaber sets. To access all this good Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order content, you'll need to start a New Journey+ runthrough of the game (which is also part of the update). The announcement blog for this update confirms that all content in the update will be exclusive to New Journey+ games, so you'll need to have played through Fallen Order once to access it.

Respawn has also confirmed that this update will bring in some new accessibility options to help even more players enjoy Cal's journey as a Jedi. These include "the option for button-mashing quick-time events to be skipped, needing to hold the Climb button can now be disabled, holding a button to confirm/interact with something can be changed to a button press, [and] text size scaling options have been added." There's never been a better time to head off to a galaxy far, far away. 

If you've yet to pick up a copy, here's our guide to the best Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order prices.

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