Star Wars characters invade Soulcalibur IV

If you thought Link and Spawn as playable characters in Soulcalibur III was barmy enough, Star Wars has gone and invaded the fourth installment with Darth Vader and Yoda squaring up on different platforms.

PS3 owners will be able to play exclusively asDarth Vader, while those playing the Xbox 360 version of Namco's fighter will have to make do withYoda. Sadly then, the pair won't be able to square off, unless Namco decides to make either character available as DLC down the line.

It’s totally bizarre crossing of brands, and word on the internet is that there could be even more Star Wars characters set to appear on the Soulcalibur IV roster. Why don't proper Star Wars games look this good?

Soulcalibur IV will hit UK shelves this summer, courtesy of Ubisoft while a US date has yet to be announced.

Courtesy of CVG twice over:ScreensandVideo.