Star Wars Battlefront DLC teases playable Nien Nunb & Greedo. Who shoots first unconfirmed

EA has been teasing a first look at March's Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim DLC, and it looks like the rebel pilot Nien Nunb and bounty hunter Greedo will be added to the roster of playable heroes and villains.

Here's the full image:

Now, just in case that prominent placement of two well know characters isn't enough, it's worth noting that the new Outer Rim DLC will include "the factories of Sullust" - Sullust being Nien Nunb's home planet - and Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. Which is where Greedo would have take Han if HAN HADN'T SHOT HIM FIRST.

We've got a full breakdown of Star Wars Battlefront's DLC plans if you're interested, but safe to say there's a lot of stuff coming over the whole of this year with several free DLC packs, paid Season Pass stuff and a full expansion planned for early 2017. That's a lot of Star Warring.

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