Star Wars Battlefront collection blowback gets worse as players discover it demands over 8x more storage than the original games combined

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection
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The Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection launched today and shocked players as they discovered it requires at least eight times more storage than the originals did combined.

On March 14, the previously announced Star Wars Classic Collection went live and very quickly gained a "Mostly Negative" review rating on Steam. It seems fans are mostly disappointed by the game's online functionality, which saw players try and cram into one of three servers that offered just 192 spaces between them. 

If this wasn't frustrating enough, it's also come to many people's attention that the Star Wars Classic Collection eats much more of your hard drive than the originals did. The re-released collection features both Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2, as well as previously console-exclusive characters and maps like Kit Fisto and Jabba's Palace, but it's unclear why this has led to such a massive install size jump for 20-year-old games. 

For context, when both Star Wars Battlefront and its sequel launched on Steam, they only needed 7.3GB of storage combined. Now, players are reporting that the new collection - which includes both games, added content, and enhanced features - needs around 62 - 72GB depending on your system. That said, the Steam page notably says 50GB for storage space. 

"How in the f*** is an almost 20-year-old game 62GB?!" one Twitter user asked, sharing a screenshot of the game installed via Steam. A user over on Reddit was also astonished after spotting that the game requires 72GB to run on Steam Deck. 

72!?!?!? from r/Steam

It's not just PC players that are having this problem, either. Over on the Nintendo eShop, it says the new Star Wars collection needs 26GB. This is a lot smaller than the previously mentioned 72GB, but it's still a very sizeable game for the Nintendo Switch and its more limited storage - again, especially one that's technically almost two decades old. 

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