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Star Trek's Best Moments SFX NEEDS YOU!

Star Trek 's best moments : SFX NEEDS YOU!

With not long to go until the release of Star Trek Into Darkness , all things Federation are at the forefront of our minds. Which is why we've decided to run a poll to decide what are Star Trek 's best moments.

We've had a big brainstorm and come up with a pretty long list. However, before we open the voting we'd like to offer you, the SFX readership, the chance to make some nominations. (And no, it's not just because we were struggling to think of anything from Voyager - honest.)

Your best moment can come from any of the films or TV series (yes, including the animated show). Here's the important thing which we cannot emphasise enough: we're after moments . Not characters, or relationships, or designs, or ten-minute-long scenes. And they don't all have to be momentous events (character deaths, exploding starships, huge revelations...) They could be laugh-out-loud bits of comedy, or touching character moments. Think outside the box - maybe there's even a classic moment in Nemesis ?!

To give you an idea of what we're after, here's a list of 25 classic moments we reckon definitely deserve to be in contention. What have we missed out? Post your suggestions as a comment on this web page, or join the discussion in our forum !

The death of Edith Keeler ( TOS , “City On The Edge Of Forever”)
Sulu's topless fencing ( TOS , “The Naked Time”)
Kirk’s “Risk is our business” speech ( TOS , “Return To Tomorrow”)
The Kirk/Uhura inter-racial kiss ( TOS , “Plato’s Stepchildren”)
Riker unscrews Data's hand, then turns him off (TNG, "The Measure Of A Man")
“I am Locutus of Borg...” ( TNG , “The Best Of Both Worlds Part One”)
Picard plays the Ressikan flute ( TNG , “The Inner Light”)
“There are four lights!” ( TNG , “Chain Of Command”)
Gul Dukat takes over DS9, but finds Sisko has left his baseball behind... ( DS9 , “Call To Arms”)
We discover Dr Bashir has been replaced by a changeling ( DS9 , “In Purgatory's Shadow”)
Vedek Yassim hangs herself ( DS9 , “Rocks and Shoals”)
The personal log that Sisko deletes ( DS9 , “In The Pale Moonlight”)
The Xindi probe attacks Earth ( Enterprise , “The Expanse”)
A Klingon’s cranial ridges dissolve! ( Enterprise , “Affliction”)
Khan puts Ceti eels in the ears of Chekov and Terrell ( The Wrath Of Khan )
"KHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" ( The Wrath Of Khan )
The Enterprise blows up ( The Search For Spock )
The death of David ( The Search For Spock )
Spock nerve-pinches the punk on the bus ( The Voyage Home )
"I know this ship like the back of my hand" ( The Final Frontier )
McCoy relives the loss of his father ( The Final Frontier )
Picard smashes up a display case full of model Enterprises ( First Contact )
Data says “Oh, shit!” as the Enterprise crash-lands ( Generations )
The death of George Kirk ( Star Trek )
The destruction of Vulcan ( Star Trek )

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