Star Trek teaser trailer

The director of Cloverfield, Matt Reeves, has been afforded a sneaky peak at JJ's Abrams' Star Trek teaser - and he's blabbed to MTV about it.

Suffice to say, he didn't hate it. “I think people are going to be very excited. It’s a teaser, you know, it’s a teaser trailer. But still, I was like ‘Wow!’ Just the scope of it, the scale of it, you just look at it and it’s so elegantly done.”

And, shockingly, he had some nice thing to say about his mate JJ: “It’s one of those things where JJ has a lot of ideas come out of [the fact that] he has a very simple, forceful way to express himself while capturing people’s imaginations. I think what [he and his producers] are doing with the trailer is fantastic; this is a great way to reboot the franchise, and get people excited about something new.”

Wouldn't you know it, he was also on message for the movie's MO: “That’s what excited me about seeing the trailer, was that I thought ‘Well, this does look completely different and new. But while having all the stuff that will make fans of ‘Star Trek’ still feel fulfilled.”

“I’ve seen little bits of the movie too, and I feel that way as well. He’s doing an amazing job; it’s very exciting. It’s not your grandfather’s ‘Star Trek,’ that’s for sure.”

Go to MTV for the full story, and may the force be with you. Wait, wrong movie.

Source: ( MTV )

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