STALKER on 360 imminent?

Nov 26, 2007

Speculation grew this weekend that PC shooter STALKER is coming to Xbox 360, after its Ukrainian developer GSC Game World revealed it's become a certified Xbox developer.

STALKER PC publisher THQ gave us a swift "no comment" when we picked up the phone, though we saw that coming a mile off.

The official announcement can be found over on GSC's website, but one sentence from the Russian press release was left out of the English announcement, as spotted by eagle-eyed NeoGAF forum users.

"Our second aim is to increase X360 install base and legal software sales in ex-USSR region. Creation of high quality, interesting, comprehensible for our players titles and acceptable cost of games is the key to this task," says the Russian release, via our mate Google translate.

We can only support the cause of introducing more Russians to Xbox Live, if only to make online games of Call of Duty even more authentic.

As for STALKER 360, apparently GSC is already working on a handful of unannounced console titles, so it'd be a pretty safe assumption that at least one of them will take place near Chernobyl.

We'll let you know when GSC's inevitable Russian press release answering all arrives.

Courtesy of CVG