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Stacking DLC will follow the Lost Hobo King

Looks like Double Fine isn't done playing with dolls. A listing has appeared online for four new Xbox 360 achievements that suggest the studio is almost ready to release DLC content for its well-received Russian nesting doll adventure, Stacking.

Entitled the Lost Hobo King, the achievements have been tagged to the end of Stacking's entry onXBox360Achievements, and talk ofnew Hi-jinx, unique dolls and challenges. Double Fine hasn't confirmed the DLC officially, but judging by the evidence (and this month'stweet)we're going to take a wild leap and say when it does, it'llreveal Stacking is getting DLC, and it will be called the Lost Hobo King. But don't quote us on that.

Those who played the oh-so-cute puzzler will remember Levi, the artistic homeless gentleman who documents the player's adventures in his oh-so-cute sewer gallery. If any Russian doll hobo deserves to get his own spin-off, it's him. And yes, we know a lot of artistic Russian doll hobos.

UPDATE: THQ has just confirmed the release of The Lost Hobo King DLC for Stacking, which will be released in early April. The official description follows:

In The Lost Hobo King, Charlie travels to the kingdom of Camelfoot to help his hobo friend Levi with an important family matter. Levi’s uncle Rufus, heir to the throne of Hobo, may only take his rightful place if the lost crown can be found. To recover the fragmented crown, Charlie must use his unique talents to overcome several tests of valor left by the ancient hobo mystics. It is only then that the ancient crown can be re-forged, Rufus crowned, and the fractured hobo people united under one sardine.

The Lost Hobo King downloadable pack extends the Stacking experience with features that include:
• An all-new storyline sprinkled with Double Fine’s signature charm;
• A fully realized environment to explore – the lost hobo kingdom of Camelfoot;
• Several new challenges, each with multiple solutions;
• More than 15 new unique dolls, each with new abilities;
• A new set of mischief making hi-jinks to discover and enjoy;
• New achievements and trophies to earn.


Mar 18, 2011

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