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Square Enix announces Bust-A-Move Universe for 3DS, first trailer inside

Ultra Bust-A-Move! Bust-A-Move Live! Bust-A-Move Revolution! It's too bad the title “Bust-A-Move 3000” already got used for the GameCube iteration of Taito's long-running Bubble Bobble spinoff: surely we've gone through close to 2,999 previous entries in the series. But hey, one's as good as another (usually), so if Taito parent Square Enix wants to put out a 3DS edition, we've got no complaints.

Above: You can see more screenshots for Bust-A-Move Universehere

Above: The first trailer for Bust-A-Move Universe for the Nintendo 3DS

If we tell you that the new game, Bust-A-Move Universe, will feature loveable dinosaurs matching up three or more bubbles in a variety of game modes including Puzzle, Challenge and Nonstop, we'll trust you not to freak the eff out at such unexpected news. So if we add that, this being a 3DS title, there'll be some not-at-all-token three-dimensional goings-on (probably in the area of background-prettification, there being no need to reinvent Bust-A-Move in full 3D just yet), we're assuming you'll be able to call the hospital and arrange your own heart-attack recovery plan.

Come on. It's Bust-A-Move! You know exactly what you're getting: it'll be plenty of fun and the box won't be the worst ever, because they've already done that.

Jan 20, 2011

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