Bust-A-Move Bash! review

We'd rather bust a gut - with a hammer

GamesRadar+ Verdict


  • +

    Pick up and play attitude

  • +

    New shooting game is fun

  • +

    Replay value in 250 levels


  • -

    Remote use is clumsy

  • -

    Multiplayer mode is confusing

  • -

    $50 for this?

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Bust-A-Move as a game in itself is all well and good; shooting balls up into a big wall of sinking colored bubbles, clearing levels by hitting the same color, then moving on to the next. You have to think about aiming cleverly and rebounding off walls and it’s good as a distraction.

Unfortunately, on Wii nothing has changed - apart from using the remote to clumsily aim the shooter - and without any massive attempt to bolster this simple puzzler, it feels like a very weak package for our new gameboxes.

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DescriptionBub and Bob make their next-gen debut, and with a name like Bust-A-Move Bash! you can bet the Wii-mote will get a workout.
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