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Sports Story is a sequel to Golf Story but with even more balls in 2020

How do you follow up the hilarious tribute to Mario Golf and JRPGs that was Golf Story? You make Sports Story, and you bring it to Switch in mid-2020. In this scenario, you are Golf Story developer Sidebar Games, and you just announced your new game, Sports Story, on Nintendo's Indie World presentation today. Also in this scenario, I am very grateful, because I loved Golf Story,it's still one of the best Switch games more than two years after it came out.

Sports Story is a direct sequel to Golf Story. It stars the same unnamed, pompadoured hero from the first game as he broadens his horizons from the golf green to several new activities. It sounds like both tennis and golf will be big parts of the game, but you'll also get to sport your hardest at soccer, baseball, volleyball and, um, toaster ball. Golf Story had a bunch of minigames that went beyond golf, too, so Sports Story is just doing even more of that rather than flipping the script.

One all-new thing for this sequel is actual dungeons. I would make a joke about probably not fighting skeletons in this kind of dungeon, but you do fight off a horde of risen skeletons by driving golf balls through their skulls in the first game, so I'd better not assume. It looks like all of Sports Story's strange challenges and eccentric characters will be united by the same wonderfully goofy sense of humor that pervaded Golf Story. I think I'd better end this on the official synopsis from the trailer, because I can't top it.

"Sports Story is a game about sports, but not always. Various non-sporting pursuits provide variety. Alternative activities like dungeon exploration, stealthy infiltrations, and fishing expeditions mean something unexpected waits around every corner. Sometimes, it is even sports."

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