Splitgate delayed due to overwhelming popularity

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New online shooter Splitgate has been so popular that it's forced the developers to delay its imminent release.

Just below, you can see a statement from the development team behind Splitgate, which came late last week. It turns out the game's servers got completely overwhelmed by over two million players attempting to sign in and play during the recent open beta period, as Splitgate's servers were only ever designed to hold a maximum of 65,536 concurrent players on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox systems.

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This has led developer 1047 to actually delay the release of Splitgate, which was meant to launch today on July 27. Instead, the development team has chosen to push back the launch of the mega-popular new online shooter to some point next month in August, although they haven't stated when in August this will be.

"Our team has been blown away by the incredible reception the Splitgate community has shown us," said 1047 CEO Adam Proulx in a statement (thanks, IGN). "With the steep and sudden increase in players trying to access servers, we're having to sort out a myriad of technical issues that come with this level of insane growth. We've worked hard to provide a high-quality game and experience, and our biggest challenge is simply to have enough capacity to serve the entire community."

Proulx goes on to add that developer 1047 has managed to acquire an additional $1 million in funding recently, which will prove a major boost to fixing and expanding on Splitgate's server capacity. We suppose it's one of the better problems an upcoming game could face, and we hope Splitgate continues to hold this interest when the game arrives next month in August.

Right now, players can still try and gain access to Splitgate's open beta, which has been left online by developer 1047. To try and tide fans over until the final game launches at some point next month in August, a slate of new maps and unlockable character skins will be made available for all open beta participants before Splitgate launches. Splitgate will launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S next month.

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