Spinstress is Marvel's Disney princess - and she's taking center stage in Edge of Spider-Verse #2

Spinstress takes the lead.
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Princess Petra of Earth-423 gets the cover spotlight in the latest issue of Edge of Spider-Verse. The character, AKA Spinstress, has been on a jaunt across the many planes of reality, but the new issue sees her arrive home to find that things aren't quite as they once were...

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 is written by Jordan Blum, David Hein, Tee Franklin, and Dan Slott, and drawn by Michael Shelfer, Jethro Morales, Ty Templeton, and Luciano Vecchio. 

Spinstress made her first appearance in the anthology comic's previous volume. Effectively Marvel's equivalent of a Disney princess, Petra sings rather than speaks, with her lyrics by librettist David Hein, the co-writer of hit musical Come From Away.

We've got preview pages from two of the new issue's stories below. And, it has to be said, the contrast in tone between the Spinstress story and the Sky-Spider tale that follows it is quite something!

Marvel's succinct solicitation blurb for the new issue reads simply, "SPINSTRESS sings her way into the biggest fight of her life!" It's an ambiguous description that doesn't touch on the much darker Sky-Spider story, by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Marika Cresta, at all.

Edge of Spider-Verse first launched in 2014, as a series of one-shots exploring characters such as Spider-Man Noir, Gwen Stacey and Dr. Aaron Aikman, the cybernetic Spider-Man of Earth-31411. It had no direct link to the then-unreleased Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse film. The comic returned for a second run of five issues in 2022 in a more obvious anthology format. The third season is planned to run for four issues.

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 is published by Marvel Comics on June 2.

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