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Spike Jonze blogs Where The Wild Things Are

Spike Jonze has a blog – titled We Love You So – and it has been focusing on his work finishing up Where The Wild Things Are.

A sprawling, eclectic sorting house for all sorts of stuff that Jonze (and his mates) finds fun or interesting – or both – We Love You So has been up and running for a couple of weeks.

You need to dig through the pages to find titbits about the movie – such as pics from the scoring session and our favourite item so far – Jonze scaring the crap out of a child with one of the early Wild Things masks. Intimidated child + monster mask= always funny.

Take a look below and head to the blog for much, much more…

[Source: We Love You So ]

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Where The Wild Things Are Focus Group #1 from Lance Bangs on Vimeo .