Spielberg, Lucas & Ford talk Crystal Skull

Talking to Entertainment Weekly , Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have revealed plenty of info – though no spoilage – about Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. And while Spielberg might wish to turn off the entire Internet until opens to avoid web-based flapper-jabbers from leaking all his new film’s secrets, Harrison Ford is still happy to chat about it.

Nattering to USA Today , he blabs about the experience of making the new movie and how someone his age copes with the rigours of being a hero again after nearly 20 years of waiting. Oh, and he puts the lie to apparent rumours that have been wafting about that –spoiler alert – Indy might die in Crystal Skull with Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt taking over the franchise. Seems unlikely, and Ford mentions he’d be happy to make Indy V. Of course, they could just be playing with us. Or any future appearance could be a flashback… The possibilities are endless!

Oh, and there are some new pics online, too

Source: ( Entertainment Weekly ) ( USA Today ) ( IESB.net )