Spider-man 3 Premiere!

Thousands of Spiderfans packed out Leicester Square last night for the European premiere of the hottest film of the year. And SFX was right there with them.
Six giant screens played exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Spiderman 3 for the drooling crowd. But the fans weren't there just to watch amped up effects shots. No, they demanded stars - and stars they got.

Kirsten Dunst was first to show and the webslinger himself, Tobey Maguire, followed soon after. It all seemed a bit much for ol' Peter Parker, who had a distant look in his eyes as he trawled the Spidey-logoed red carpet. Although he insisted he was 'in the moment'.

"I'm a little tired, but I feel pretty present. This is a big event and I'm really excited about the movie. So I'm excited about it." Did you get that he was excited? Of course, it might just have been jet-lag. Dunst looked shattered and James Franco could barely keep his eyes open. Topher Grace even claimed he'd racked up 100,000 air miles. Wish we had his BA Clubcard.

Director Sam Raimi still appeared keen to helm a fourth film - if Sony lets him get his hands on it...

"I just don’t know what the future holds right now," he told SFX. "If I could find a great story and a great avenue of growth for the characters of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, I'd love to do it."

One thing's for sure. There's no let up for this bunch of franchise bunnies just yet, with the US premiere at the Tribeca film festival due in just a few days.

Rosee Woodland

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