Spider-Man: Reign 2 is now confirmed

Spider-Man: Reign 2 promo art by Kaare Alexander
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics has confirmed that the "notorious" Spider-Man sequel it previously teased will in fact be a sequel to writer/artist Kaare Andrews' 2006 limited series Spider-Man: Reign. 

Spider-Man: Reign tells the tale of an older Peter Parker coming out of retirement for one last big adventure as Spider-Man (not unlike the classic Batman story The Dark Knight Returns).

Why is that notorious? Because in the world of Spider-Man: Reign, Mary Jane is dead after getting cancer from exposure to radiation through… well… Peter Parker's most intimate bodily fluids… if you know what I mean.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

But would be Reign be considered the most notorious Spider-Man story by fans? There's no doubt it has its own controversy, but there are several Spider-Man stories that would likely be considered far more "notorious" among Spider-fans.

The dubious honor, at least among fans, more likely goes to Spider-Man: One More Day, in which Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson trade their marriage - and several years of their history - to the demon Mephisto to save the life of Aunt May.

There are also stories such as Trouble, a non-continuity romance comic limited series which implied that Peter Parker's aunt May and his mother Mary were troubled teens who were embroiled in a devastating love triangle. And 'Sins Past,' a story in which it was revealed that Norman Osborn had an affair with Peter's long dead girlfriend Gwen Stacy, and that the two had secret twin children together - a secret which has since thankfully been retconned as totally fake.

Marvel promises more information in the coming days. Stay tuned to Newsarama for the full details.

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