Spider-Man: No Way Home has a new post-credits scene – here's what happens

Zendaya's real name in No Way Home
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Spider-Man: No Way Home is back in cinemas for a limited time only. The extended ‘More Fun Stuff’ edition even comes with a new post-credits scene to keep you in your seat until the very end – and it answers one of the movie’s biggest lingering questions.

The Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credits scenes previously only featured a tease of Tom Hardy’s Venom – whose symbiote residual stays in Earth-616 after Doctor Strange’s spell kicked in and he’s returned to his own universe – and a trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The new post-credits scene in the More Fun Stuff extended cut replaces the Doctor Strange teaser. It shows Peter Parker's fellow student Betty Brant’s pre-graduation "Betty's Corner" segment on Midtown News. During the broadcast, she presents pictures of her school year's time at Midtown High, including their trip to Europe (as seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home). However, Peter is notably absent from the photos, except for one picture that sees a bird flying across his face to obscure him from the shot.

The implication, then, is that Doctor Strange’s spell to make everyone forget who Peter Parker even extends to him disappearing from photos and other media. So, any selfies, snapshots, or social media posts with Peter? He’s not there or recognizable. Any copies of the video in which Mysterio reveals Spidey’s secret identity? Gone.

It’s the clearest indication yet that the Spider-Man: No Way Home ending is a true clean slate for the webhead. No one knows who he is or ever remembered he existed, which should clear up any confusion or plot holes if we ever get a Spider-Man 4 with Tom Holland returning as the wallcrawler.

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