Spider-Man: Miles Morales unveils its photo mode for Hispanic Heritage Month

(Image credit: Sony)

Developer Insomniac has given us our first look at the photo mode for the upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Just below, you can see a snapshot of the titular web-slinger, with the Puerto Rico flag in the background. For those that don't know, Miles Morales is actually mixed race, with his mother's side of the family originally hailing from Puerto Rico.

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This is the first time we've seen Spider-Man: Miles Morales's photo mode in action. Marvel's Spider-Man did have a photo mode when it launched back in 2018, and it was used in two ways: you could either take panoramic shots of New York City with Spidey in the foreground, or you could take a selfie with Spider-Man's phone, as we're seeing Miles do here.

A standalone follow-up to 2018's wall-crawling epic, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is launching for both the PS4 and PS5, next month on November 12 (which is also the release date of the latter console). There's been plenty of confusion over the last few months as to whether Miles Morales is actually a sequel or an expansion to the 2018 game, but Sony and Marvel have since confirmed that although it is a standalone game, it isn't a full-blown sequel to the original game.

However, you can purchase Miles Morales in a bundle with a remastered copy of Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS5. When it lands - in a superhero pose, natch - this November, you'll be able to get Spider-Man: Miles Morales as a standalone game for the PS5 for $50, or you can purchase both Miles Morales and the remastered Spider-Man for a total of $70.

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