Spider-Man: Miles Morales new swinging animations show Miles is still getting used to this hero thing

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales stars a brand new character taking the Spidey mantle, and as such features brand new swinging animations for the titular hero.

Perhaps in part due to some mixed messaging from Sony, there has been some question about how much of Spider-Man: Miles Morales is new and different from Marvel's Spider-Man 2018. But as we've now learned from Game Informer's Andrew Reiner, Miles Morales is a very different webslinger from Peter Parker. Asked in a Q&A session on Twitter about the swinging animations, Reiner confirmed, "Yes. Completely new," adding that "Miles' movements are inspired by skydiving acrobatics."

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In another tweet, Reiner was asked a similar question about the animations in Spider-Man: Miles Morales and gave a different, though consistent answer. "All new animations. Miles is less sure in his movements and relies more on his legs for momentum," Reiner replied. It's comic canon that Miles has a fear of heights, which might explain the less confident movement.

As for the actual gameplay mechanics that drive the swinging animations, Reiner says there are some "new tricks, but mostly the same swinging mechanics." In the brief bit of Miles Morales gameplay footage we saw today, we get to see the superhero traverse the Manhattan winterscape that sets the story, face off against some baddies, and use his invisibility cloak to gain the advantage in combat. Speaking of which, Reiner also said Miles is "more skillful [than Peter] in takedowns with wall and ceiling abilities."

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is just one of the upcoming PS5 games we can't wait to play. 

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