Spider-Man 4 villain revealed?

With talks for the Spider-Man 4 script barely past the, ‘Would you like a cup of coffee, David?’ stage, it may seem a bit early to be speculating about the villain – but reading between the lines of Dylan Baker’s latest statement regarding Sam Raimi’s attitude to Baker’s character, Dr Curt Connors, and it’s clear we may have found him; it’s Connors’ super-villain alter-ego The Lizard.

Speaking about his recurring role to iF magazine , Baker said, “In this one I am still in my business suit and that's all I'll say. I'm kind of the guy that Peter Parker needs to come to whenever he has those quandaries about what's going on... All I can say is we're going to see a lot more of [me] at some point if what Sam says is true, and Sam is the guy who knows, so I am sticking with him.”

We’re sticking with him too, and unless Raimi thinks the franchise is going to carry on until the end of time, he’ll probably be honouring his promise with a starring role for The Lizard in part 4.

Which would be fine by Baker. “I'm friends with Alfred Molina and I just saw him the other day and he had so much fun doing Doc Ock, that for me it's a no-brainer. So, put it in and let's go.”

Source: ( iF Magazine )