Speed Racer LEGO planned

In a world where the Wachowski Brothers – best known for the Matrix saga and lesbo-noir Bound – make their next film a kid-friendly adaptation of a Japanese ‘toon, anything is possible.

So toy collectors, Speed freaks and, yes, fans of small, brightly colour building blocks will be excited to learn that LEGO has the rights to Speed Racer.

"The popularity and universal appeal of Speed Racer has engaged generations of loyal and enduring fans," blabbed LEGO vice president Jill Wilfert. "Combined with one of our most popular lines in LEGO Racers, Speed Racer has become an awesome proposition for our business and consumers. LEGO has captured the racing excitement of the film in its own unique way."

Yes it’s boiled the Mach 5 and another car down to blocky versions powered by the human hand.

Okay, so maybe we’re already thinking about buying a couple for our desks. The toys “race” (see what they did there?) into shops this April in the US and likely hit UK stores shortly after.

Meanwhile, gadget blog Gizmodo has a look at all the Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull LEGO sets coming out. Be warned – spoilers lurk in the pics!

Source: ( prnewswire.com ) ( gizmodo.com )

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