Spec Ops: The Line intel locations guide

Chapter Nine: The Road

13: Konrad Flag

As soon as the mission starts, turn around before rappelling down and look to the far wall. Hanging there will be an American flag to take as the only Intelligence Item for this chapter.

Chapter Ten: Riggs

14: Radioman Tape – No Relief Aid

Near the beginning of the chapter, enter the second tent you come across and on the right side of it, there will be a desk with a sitting corpse. The Intelligence Item will be located on top of the desk.

15: Konrad’s Psych Profile

Right after the scene where you are introduced to Riggs, a couple of enemies will run into the room where you are held up. After the cutscene plays, the Intelligence Item will be on the table to the right, next to where Riggs is standing beside the door.

Chapter Eleven: Alone

No items to collect.

Chapter Twelve: Rooftops

16: Radioman Tape – Konrad Interview

After you ride the long zipline to the adjacent building, you will come to a soldier on the ground that you need to deal with. After you have, there will be a large staircase directly ahead of you. Look to the right of it and in a box of items will be the Intel.

17: Radioman’s Press Badge

Once you clear the radio tower snipers and zipline over to it, enter the doorway and go up the stairs to the black-lit studio. Proceed through it and to the left of the stairs leading up will be a small washroom. Enter it to find the Intelligence Item on the wall to the right.

Chapter Thirteen: Adams

18: Radioman Tape-Street Artist

After the big shoot out to help Adams, you will pass through a crashed airliner, proceeding to the right. Once you exit the plane at the far end, look to the immediate left to find the Intelligence on the ground underneath a painting of a dolphin.

19: Konrad Effigy

After you find Lugo and are leaving the refugee camp, you will come to a fence directly ahead and an opening to the left. Follow the opening around and you will come to a stand with candles underneath an “ANTHEA” sign on the left side. The Intelligence Utem will be sitting on top of it.

Chapter Fourteen: The Bridge

20: Code of Conduct

Just after the start of the chapter, you will fight a swarm of soldiers and then enter a doorway that is under a sign that says “Dubai Seaside.” Once inside, head up the stairs on the left side. At the top of the stairs, look to the right and the Intelligence Item will be on the chair there.

21: Konrad’s Final Orders

After a large battle with soldiers and turret bunkers, you will come to a door that gets kicked open by a “heavy soldier.” Once you take him down, enter the building and to the far left will be a wall of names and dog tags. The Intelligence Item with be on the American flag hanging on the wall between the names.

Chapter Fifteen: Welcome

22: Konrad Letter – Poem for Elizabeth

When you reach Konrad’s apartment, go up the stairs on the right side and it will take you to an area with a desk and a bed. Look on the desk to find this Intelligence Item sitting there.

23: Konrad’s Letter – a Message to Jeremy

In Konrad’s apartment, take the stairs back down from the previous Intelligence Item and go to the left. At the far end will be some couches and a coffee table in front of a large fireplace. On the table will be the final Intelligence Item to collect.

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