Spec Ops: The Line intel locations guide

Chapter One: The Evacuation

1: Konrad Confession Letter

After you repel from the first ledge and walk through the line of cars, you will need to crouch to get under an over turned truck. Once past that, look to the left there will be a jeep with a dead soldier in it. After the cutscene plays, look to the left and there will be a large map and the Intel will be hanging on it.

2: Damaged Black Box

When you reach the downed airliner, fight through the enemies that appear and then continue through to the rear of the plane. When you enter it, immediately look to the left of the stairs on the right and you will see the Intelligence Item on the ground in the shape of a banged up orange box.

Chapter Two: The Dune

3: Radioman Tape – Welcome to Dubai

Right at the start of the chapter, you will need to hop down a ledge and take out two enemies at the end of a walkway. Before you jump down however, look to the left and you will see a small area with a lounger, an umbrella, and some crates. The Intelligence Item will be sitting on top of the crate there.

4: Sandstorm Cover-up

When you reach the TV station, continue fighting through it until you reach the bottom floor. There will be a large open area with TV Cameras and a large desk against the far wall. Look on the ground to the right of the area and the very small Intelligence Item in the form of a tape will be half buried there.

Chapter Three: Underneath

5: Looter Bullets

There is a large battle in the hotel where enemies continue to drop through the ceiling and C4 gets dropped, forcing you to run through the gate. After that, walk to the open room at the end of the walkway. Drop down off the ledge at the railing opening and walk to the reception desk at the left side of the lobby. On the ground will be a pile of jewelry to pick up for the Intelligence Item.

Chapter Four: The Refugees

6: Child’s Doll

From the beginning of the chapter, make your way out of the elevator and continue through the corridor to the right until you come to the staircase. Before going down it, look in the alcove on the right, just before the stairs and you will see a rather fancy doll on the ground there that is the Intel Item.

7: Castavin’s Diary

Chapter Five: The Edge

8: Dossier on Grey Fox

After the start of the chapter, you will need to zipline across to another building and then fight your way downwards through the green colored Sky Wadi Fitness Center. When you reach the bottom floor of it, there will be a large opening in the center of the floor with a small bridge that spans it. As soon as you cross over the bridge, just before the checkpoint, make your way to the left to find the Intelligence Item sitting in the middle of the lobby on the floor.

9: Radioman Tape – Evacuation Coverup

Towards the end of the chapter, you’ll come to a zipline that will take you across to another building. When you hop off it, there will be a sand filled swimming pool and a metal walkway leading upwards into some apartments. Follow the walkaway into the building and continue up the stairs to find the bedroom down the hall. Inside, the Intelligence Item will be on the floor near the foot of the bed.

Chapter Six: The Pit

10: Interrogator Confession

After the turret sequence, you will hop down an opening and proceed through an underground area that is covered in dead bodies. Look on the table to the right hand side near the turn and you will find the Intelligence Item there.

Chapter Seven: The Battle

11: Radioman Tape: After the Storm

Here you’ll pass through a bus, and fight off a few remaining enemies in the next area. Once they are all dead, make your way forward to the Evacuation Assembly sign. The Intelligence Item will be hanging from the bullet-riddled stop sign to the right of the evacuation sign before the wall of sandbags.

Radioman Tape – Soldier Interview

Once you pass the open area of burning bodies, you will need to enter a doorway on the right side. Before entering the doorway, look on the ground to the left to find the Intelligence Item directly below the “CHRISTIENNE” sign.

Chapter Eight: The Gate

No Items to collect.

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