Spare Xbox Series X controllers now available to order online in all new colors

xbox series x controller series s

Microsoft opened Xbox Series X pre-orders this morning and, well, we're very excited and apparently so is everyone else, as stores around the world keep selling out and crashing. One important thing: if you're grabbing a Series X, make sure you don't miss out on grabbing Microsoft's new and improved wireless Xbox Series X Controller.

Before we go any further, let's recap the Series X: it's the more powerful of the two consoles Microsoft announced, with 4K gaming at 120fps on the cards, plus a load of under-the-hood enhancements that will make games load faster, play more smoothly, and consume less power. It's an absolute beast, the perfect accompaniment for any serious gamer who wants a bit of Xbox in their life.

The new Wireless Controller basically continues this trend, beefing up the tried and tested Xbox controller of yore with a better, more sculpted design, textured grip, hybrid D-pad, three colours (black, white, and blue), a dedicated share button, and support for a range of devices, including Android and iOS, with easy switching. 

If, like us, you'll be rinsing the Xbox Series X as soon as it arrives, then having an extra controller is a must, whether that's for playing with friends or avoiding boring downtime when the battery inevitably runs out (although this controller lasts longer than previous versions). It's the kind of thing you might not think of, but should.


Xbox Wireless Controller | Black, White, and Blue | Bluetooth | Multi-device support |Available on November 10 | £54.99 from Microsoft
As we said, this is the obvious gaming accessory you might not think of, letting you play harder, longer, and with friends. One thing to note: when buying it on Microsoft's website, select the colour from the clickable circle icons after scrolling down a little, and then click 'pre-order'.

So, if you're as excited as us about Microsoft's reemergence as a serious force in the top-tier gaming world, and have a Series X or Series S on pre-order, make sure you grab an extra controller or two for even more gaming with friends in local multiplayer or just to have something different to turn to sometimes instead of the standard black one that comes with the console.

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