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Soulcalibur IV: Where's My Underboob?

As the match began, we still held out hope for an upskirt peek, or that the plate mail would saucily disintegrate as she took damage – throw us a bone, here, guys! But alas, all we got was impenetrable steel:

When we finally got that upskirt shot, we were horrified to see the most unsexy of undergarments, the granny pant:

Even after we chipped away all that plate mail with armor-breaking techniques, we were still left with a mostly covered Hilde.

But then, O my brothers, fate smiled on us as we discovered that under all that metal and sack-cloth Hilde does indeed have sweet fleshmounds to tantalize and entice. You just have to be patient.

Here’s hoping that in the final version of Soulcalibur IV, sweet, sweet Hilde will have an unlockable chainmail bikini.

Jun 10, 2008