(Sort of) new Resistance maps on PSN - and David Bowie!

Nov 30, 2007

Sony has unleashed two multiplayer maps for Resistance: Fall of Man, ready for download from the PS Store as of yesterday, along with PAIN, Sony's bizarrely addictive game about wreaking havoc on a destructible city block by flinging an invincible idiot out of a giant slingshot.

But more importantly, the David Bowie pack is now available for Rock Band. And The Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion. And a Guitar Hero III boss battle track pack, and… and…

To hell with it. Here’s a list :

PS3 games

  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - The Shivering Isles - $29.99
  • PAIN - $9.99


  • Motorstorm Vehicles %26amp; Skins 1- $1.99
  • Resistance Map Pack 2 - Bracknell/Axbridge Maps - $4.99
  • RFOM: Map Pack Bundle - $7.99 (includes Map Pack 2 and more)
  • Guitar Hero III Boss Battles Track Pack %26ndash; Free
  • Rock Band David Bowie Pack 1 - $5.49
  • Rock Band "Heroes" track - $1.99
  • Rock Band "Moonage Daydream" track - $1.99
  • Rock Band "Queen Bitch" track - $1.99

Sony says this of the Resistance Map Pack: "In the Bracknell map, the struggle against the Chimera comes to the cavernous spaces of an old railway system - now a Chimeran node. Expect intense close-quarters fighting as you explore three stories of dimly lit spawning rooms and disused train carriages.

"The Axbridge map, meanwhile, consists of two resistance bases spanning a valley strewn with rocks and Chimeran structures."

Sony also reveals that on the Axebridge map, you can "find yourself a secret perch among the cliffs on either side or brave the walled 'theatre of combat' on the valley floor," for an advantageous shooting position.

Hm. May have to check that out. After David Bowie.

Courtesy of CVG.