Sony: Why do you hack your PSP?

Sony has launched a questionnaire asking why gamers hack there PSP consoles with custom firmware.

The poll, sent to select gamers, is apparently part of Sony's "ongoing PSP consumer research", looking into understanding more about the huge hacking community that has thrived on the PSP.

Sony has been embroiled in a heated battle with hackers since they cracked open the portable's software protection months after its release.

Installing custom firmware is passed off as a way of opening up the console to seemingly innocent homebrew programs and home-made games, but it also allows the running of illegal game "back-ups".

As well as seeking to find out how and why gamers seek to hack their PSP and how they view the risks involved, Sony also asks if hacking a PSP makes you "feel like a rebel".

Well, does it?

Courtesy of CVG

Apr 10, 2008