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Sony scoops Star Wars: Battlefront exclusive

The next installment of the Battlefront series has moved exclusively to PSP in the form of Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron.

Buried within the info sheet for the new PSP version comes word that Renegade Squadron will be the only original Battlefront game of 2007. That pretty much crushes any hopes we had that the next generation version of the multiplayer shooter will be released this year.

Above: A shot from Battlefront II. It's the last we'll see of any home console versions in a long time

The PSP version will feature new battles and missions alongside a "never-before-told story," as well as tons of personalization and customization options. More importantly you'll be able to team up and compete online with up to 16 players.

Check out more at the game'sofficial site.

Fingers crossed the true console version of Battlefront is at least announced this year...

May 11, 2007