Sony sending out codes for free games as part of lawsuit filed 5 years ago

If you've been patiently awaiting some games owed to you from the PlayStation Network breach that happened five years ago, your extreme patience is about to pay off. Codes are now being sent out, and your inbox should soon be full of legally-obligated gifts.

Having some difficulty recalling that far into the past? Here's a helpful recap: In 2011, the PlayStation Network experienced a security breach that saw its functionality either reduced or totally shut off for 23 days. The situation eventually resulted in Sony offering free games as an apology, games that are just now starting to be sent to claimants.

If that sounds familiar and you thought this already happened, it's probably because shortly after the hack attack, Sony handed out copies of games such as Infamous and LittleBigPlanet as part of a "welcome back" program. Where that giveaway was something of an apology and mea culpa, the process today is something Sony is legally obligated to do thanks to a class action lawsuit that was filed in response to the PSN breach.

If you filed a claim between January and August of last year, you should see your selected game - or, if you opted for PSN credit, that - popping up in your inbox soon. Enjoy, and let it be known that justice was served.

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Sam Prell

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